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Adii Therese Karter

Adii Karter
Wanted For
Fraud Involving Moving Company
Conspiracy and grand theft
43 years
5' 5"
165 lbs.

In March 2013, Adii Therese Karter, along with 7 other individuals, was indicted by the State of California, County of Santa Clara, on charges of grand theft and conspiracy to commit theft, extortion, money laundering, insurance fraud, and tax fraud.  Investigators believe that Karter and her co-conspirators were involved in a scheme to offer moving customers low estimates and then deceived them into a contract without understanding that the final cost to their bill would be double or triple the estimate. 

Karter is the wife of Roni Hayon, owner of ASAP Relocation, Inc., America’s Best Movers, Champion Movers, Fast Moving Van Lines, Inc., Quick Quotes for Moving, Inc. and Encore Movers, all Northern California-based moving companies.  Karter was a corporate secretary for many of Hayon’s businesses.  According to court documents, between 2005 through 2012, Karter and her co-conspirators solicited business for one of the Hayon-owned companies by offering artificially low estimates for moving prices. 

After the customers’ belongings were packed, Karter and her co-conspirators fraudulently inflated the bills by adding phony fees for packing services and supplies.  These hidden charges often doubled or tripled the original prices quoted by Karter and her cohorts.  Defrauded customers who refused to pay the increased fees were threatened with their belongings being placed in storage and incurring additional fees.  Customers were also often required to pay in cash, which was diverted and not reported to taxing authorities.  Instead the cash was used to pay workers under-the-table and to fund the luxurious lifestyles of Hayon and Karter.

Karter was born in Sweden and was last known to be residing in San Jose, California.

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