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Audit Initiated of FTA’s Oversight of SEPTA’s Compliance With Buy America Requirements for Rolling Stock

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Requested by the Former Ranking Members of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
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In 2017, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) awarded a $138 million federally funded contract to the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock MA Corporation (CRRC MA). Last year, three then-Ranking Members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee questioned whether CRRC MA had met the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Buy America requirements for rolling stock procurements over the course of this contract and will continue to do so as the contract progresses.
Given their concerns, the Committee Members asked our office to initiate an audit of SEPTA’s ongoing contract with CRRC MA. As such, our objective for this audit is to assess FTA’s oversight of (1) SEPTA’s certification of CRRC MA’s adherence to FTA’s Buy America requirements for rolling stock and (2) SEPTA’s calculation of the total value of foreign components for the purpose of determining compliance with FTA’s Buy America rolling stock requirements.