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Audit Initiated of FAA’s Efforts to Prevent and Mitigate Runway Incursions at Commercial Airports

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Reducing runway incursions—incidents involving unauthorized aircraft, vehicles, or people on a runway—has been a longstanding challenge for FAA. Since the beginning of January 2023, there has been a series of incidents where aircraft have come dangerously close to each other on runways at commercial airports. In response, FAA has taken several actions intended to prevent and mitigate these incursions, including a Call to Action by the FAA Acting Administrator that (1) formed a safety review team focusing on the U.S. aerospace system’s runway safety efforts; (2) held a safety summit in March 2023 with aviation industry stakeholders; and (3) called for re-examining data to identify similar serious runway incursions and indications of emerging trends. Accordingly, we are initiating this audit to assess FAA’s (1) processes for analyzing data and identifying risks associated with runway incursions, and (2) actions for preventing and mitigating runway incursions at primary commercial service airports.