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Audit Initiated of Cybersecurity of DOT’s High Value Assets

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Since 2015, the Federal Government’s High Value Asset (HVA) initiative has focused on the protection of the most critical and high impact information and information systems. The broader Government effort addresses the identification, categorization, and prioritization of HVAs in all Federal agencies. The loss of access or corruption to a HVA system would have a serious impact on the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) ability to (1) assure the operation, availability, and safety of critical transportation systems and infrastructure necessary for national defense; (2) lead and coordinate the national response to significant disruption to the transportation sector; and (3) ensure continuous National Airspace System operations and maintain critical air services and safety. Accordingly, we are initiating this audit on DOT’s 21 identified HVA systems. Our audit objectives will be to evaluate whether DOT (1) established an effective organization-wide HVA governance program to identify and prioritize HVAs and (2) assesses HVA security controls and ensures timely remediation of identified vulnerabilities.