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Texas Individual Sentenced for Fraudulent Use of Flight Instructor Certificate Number

On July 15, 2021, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas sentenced Marion Canty to 2 years of probation, $760 in restitution, and a $25 special assessment. On February 2, Canty pleaded guilty to one count of knowingly possessing an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate number with the intent to use the number to falsely endorse a flight instruction logbook.
In May and June 2018, Canty gave approximately 8 hours of flight training to a student pilot, while Canty did not possess a valid FAA CFI Certification. Canty endorsed the student’s logbook using the CFI number of another instructor, although the other CFI was not present during any of the flights and was not authorized to allow their CFI number to be used by anyone.
DOT-OIG conducted this investigation with the Nacogdoches, Texas Police Department.