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FTA Debars Pennsylvania Construction Company

On October 8, 2020, FTA debarred Universal Concrete Products Corporation (UCP) from participating in federally funded procurement and nonprocurement programs for 3 years. UCP is an architectural/ construction company located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
The debarment is based on the 2018 conviction of UCP’s former quality control manager, Andrew Nolan, for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. According to papers filed in Nolan’s criminal proceeding, over a period of years, UCP falsified quality control tests on architectural concrete prepared for phase 2 of the FTA-funded Dulles Metrorail public transportation construction project.
DOT-OIG conducted this investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Note: Exclusion actions (suspensions and debarments) are frequently for a specific period of time, and the System for Award Management should be consulted to find out whether a company is excluded.