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Federal Funds Returned to Vermont Agency of Transportation

On April 8, 2019, John Turner Consulting, Inc. (JTC) sent a $31,277.80 check as a reimbursement to the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), which had found deficiencies in JTC’s performance on a federally funded construction project. Due to those deficiencies, the Federal Highway Administration–funded project was not constructed in accordance with plan specifications. VTrans had to conduct an engineering analysis to identify the cause of the unacceptable work and determine solutions for remediation. The reimbursement covered the additional expenditures incurred by VTrans and the town of East Montpelier, Vermont, that were attributable to JTC from November 30, 2017, when the substandard work was discovered, to January 11, 2019, when VTrans issued the final payment for the construction.