New Audit Announcements

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Audit Initiated of DOT’s Compliance with the Requirements of the DATA Act for Fiscal Year 2019

Required by the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) requires the establishment of governmentwide data standards for the collection of financial data such as Federal agency expenditures on contracts, grants, and loans. The act also requires agencies to provide accurate and searchable spending data for policy makers and the public at, and inspectors general to report to Congress on their agencies’ compliance with the act. Accordingly, we are initiating this audit to assess the (1) completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and quality of the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) first-quarter fiscal year 2019 financial and award data submitted for publication on, and (2) DOT’s implementation and use of the governmentwide financial data standards established by the Office of Management and Budget and Department of the Treasury. We have engaged KPMG LLP, an independent accounting firm, to conduct this audit subject to our oversight. KPMG will conduct its work in accordance with generally accepted Government auditing standards and the Council of the Inspectors General for Integrity and Efficiency’s (CIGIE) Inspectors General Guide to Compliance under the DATA Act.