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Pennsylvania Bus Company Official Sentenced in Reincarnated Carrier Scheme

On January 16, 2019, Amy Li, former officer and shareholder of multiple commercial passenger bus companies, was sentenced in U.S. District Court, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to 18 months’ probation, 50 hours’ community service, a $5,000 fine, and a $100 special assessment fee. In June 2018, Li pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States for her role in a reincarnated carrier scheme to evade enforcement of motor carrier safety regulations.
In May 2012, FMCSA issued Imminent Hazard Orders (IHO) and a Record Consolidation Order (RCO) to 4 individuals and 10 commercial passenger bus companies, including Li, Qi Sheng (Sammy) Zhang, New Century Travel, and Super Luxury Tours (collectively, the affiliated motor carriers). The Orders directed the individuals and companies to cease all commercial motor carrier operations. In the IHOs, FMCSA stated that the affiliated motor carriers were under the common control and management of New Century Travel, Li, and Zhang, and their continued operations posed an imminent hazard to public safety. Previously, FMCSA had placed components of the affiliated motor carriers out of service due to various safety violations. For example, the Agency took Super Luxury Tours out of service after a March 2011 bus crash that killed two people and injured dozens.
In June 2013, FMCSA and the defendants entered into an Agreement and Stipulated Order for Rescission (ASOR) of the IHOs and RCO in which the affiliated motor carriers agreed to register any subsequent motor carrier operations and only under the name Black Leopard Travel.
In October 2013, during a mandatory compliance review of Bus Go Bus, a commercial motor carrier located in Massachusetts, FMCSA found serious noncompliance with various safety regulations and that the company was owned and controlled by Zhang, in violation of the ASOR.
Li admitted that from June 2012 to September 2013, she conspired with Zhang to operate Bus Go Bus, although the FMCSA Orders prohibited them from doing so. Li and Zhang concealed their involvement with Bus Go Bus so that they could continue commercial motor carrier operations while simultaneously feigning compliance with the FMCSA Orders in an attempt to regain operating authority. Li also said that she and Zhang conspired to conceal their affiliation with Bus Go Bus on their FMCSA application seeking motor passenger authority for Black Leopard Travel.
DOT-OIG conducted this investigation with FMCSA’s assistance.