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California Woman Sentenced to Prison for Drug-Testing Scam

On July 13, Demetri Dearth, former owner and operator of Advanced Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP), Redding, California, was sentenced in U.S. District Court, Sacramento, California, to 1 year in prison, followed by 1 year of probation, and $2,500 special assessment fee. On October 20, 2017, Dearth, pleaded guilty to mail fraud and false statements to a Government agency in connection with the provision of random and pre-employment drug-testing services to motor carrier drivers.
The investigation revealed that between March 2009 and February 2010, ASAP collected urine specimens from commercial drivers but did not forward many of the specimens to certified laboratories, as the law required. Instead, Dearth created false Custody and Control Forms stating the urine specimens had been released to Federal Express for transfer to a laboratory. In reality, the specimens never left Dearth’s lab. Dearth also falsified reports indicating that a Medical Review Officer (MRO) had reviewed the results of various urine tests when no tests had taken place. These false reports named legitimate MROs, provided their addresses, and presented forged MRO signatures.
DOT-OIG conducted this investigation with assistance from the California Highway Patrol, Office of the Secretary of Transportation, Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy Compliance, and FMCSA.