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Audit Initiated of the Maritime Administration’s Information Technology Infrastructure

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The Maritime Administration’s (MARAD) programs promote waterborne transportation and integration with other transportation modes, as well as the viability of the U.S. Merchant Marine. The Agency has 12 information systems and 1 local area network—excluding the Merchant Marine Academy’s systems, which will not be part of this audit’s scope. MARAD also has a number of internal web applications, some of which contain sensitive data and personally identifiable information. Information systems must be properly protected to prevent unauthorized access to data and systems.

Due to the importance of MARAD’s programs to the Nation’s transportation system and the sensitivity of some of the Agency’s information, we will perform an audit of MARAD’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. Our objective will be to determine whether security weaknesses exist in MARAD’s IT infrastructure that could lead to the compromise of MARAD’s systems and data.