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Florida Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic Charged With Conspiracy To Commit Aircraft Parts Fraud

On November 17, 2017, Ulpiano Luis Amy and James Michael Schiller were charged via information in U.S. District Court, West Palm Beach, Florida, with conspiracy to commit aircraft parts fraud.
The information alleged that on or around June 11, 2012, Schiller completed an inspection of a twin-engine aircraft and determined the airframe and components were not airworthy. Subsequently, Schiller removed the serviceable components, and the aircraft was reported to FAA as “totally destroyed or scrapped” and as such was de-registered. At a later date, Amy obtained engines and propellers from a crashed aircraft and supplied them to Schiller, who installed the parts on the supposedly destroyed aircraft. Schiller concealed these actions by failing to record the installations in the aircraft logbooks, as is required by FAA regulations. Amy then submitted documents to FAA certifying the aircraft was airworthy with the goal of selling it to an unsuspecting buyer.
One of the documents Amy submitted was an aircraft bill of sale in which he forged the seller’s signature. As a result, Amy was charged with an additional count of falsely registering an aircraft with FAA.
DOT-OIG is conducting this investigation with the assistance of FAA.
Note: Indictments, informations, and criminal complaints are only accusations by the Government. All defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.