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Cleveland, OH Area Transit Officials Suspended During Criminal Proceedings Related to Fraud

On March 23, 2016, Pamela G. Mason, Linda Williams, and Trina Thompson, employees in the paratransit division of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, were suspended by FTA related to a scheme used to provide free paratransit rides for themselves and their friends and family. The free rides included trips to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, trips to attend various professional sporting events in Cleveland, political events, personal errands, and transportation to and from work and school. The value of services stolen is estimated at over $8,000.

Mason is accused of arranging for the bulk of the fraudulent rides, and evidence shows that she did so by dispatching rides as unknown riders or fraudulently setting up the rides under the name of a deceased veteran. The veteran had used the paratransit service before his death and had been cared for by Williams. Mason was a personal friend of Williams, and evidence shows that Williams took many of the paratransit rides under the name of the deceased veteran.

On January 28, 2016, Mason, Williams, and Thompson were indicted for the aforementioned fraudulent scheme.

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