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Commercial Pilot Sentenced in Federal Court for Making False Statements to FAA

On June 5, 2015, Steven Michael Demaria was sentenced in U.S District Court, Miami, Florida, to three years of probation and $1,300 in fines for making false statements on a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airman Medical Certificate Application. In addition, the Court ordered Demaria to complete 360 hours of community service.

In May 2004, Demaria tested positive for the presence of marijuana, a prohibited drug, in connection with prospective employment as a pilot for a Ft. Lauderdale air taxi service. In July 2004, as a result of the positive drug test, the FAA issued an Emergency Order of Revocation and revoked Demaria's First Class Airman Medical certificate. Each year from 2012 to 2014, Demaria submitted an Airman Medical Certificate application on which he falsely answered that he had never failed a drug test. Demaria was employed as a Pilot in Command for a regularly scheduled air carrier at the time of his arrest in November 2014. 

We conducted this investigation with assistance from the FAA Security Division.