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Quality Control Review on the Single Audit of the Regional Transit Authority, New Orleans, LA

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We conducted a quality control review (QCR) of DOT’s major grant programs included in the revised single audit of the Regional Transit Authority, New Orleans, LA, that Silva Gurtner & Abney, LLP performed for the Authority’s fiscal year ended December 31, 2012. Silva Gurtner & Abney determined that the major DOT programs were the Federal Transit Cluster and the Surface Transportation-ARRA Discretionary Program. Silva Gurtner & Abney rendered an unmodified opinion on the Authority’s financial statements and compliance with DOT’s major programs’ requirements, and did not question any costs.  

The purpose of our QCR was to determine (1) whether the audit work complied with the Single Audit Act of 1984, as amended, and OMB Circular A‑133; and (2) the extent to which we could rely on the auditors’ work on DOT’s major programs. We determined that Silva Gurtner & Abney’s audit work was Acceptable with Deficiencies, and therefore, generally met the requirements of the Single Audit Act and OMB’s Circular. We found nothing to indicate that Silva Gurtner & Abney’s opinion on each of DOT’s major programs was inappropriate or unreliable.

We identified deficiencies in the audit documentation related to Testing of Key Internal Controls, Compliance Supplement Part 4—Federal Transit Cluster; and Reporting (Section 1512, ARRA Reports). While these deficiencies need to be corrected in future audits, they did not alter the overall results of the revised audit report.