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Audit Initiated of FTA’s Oversight of the Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation’s Grant Procurement Practices for the Salt Mitigation of Tunnels Project

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The Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 (DRAA) provided over $10 billion to the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program for Hurricane Sandy relief. Under this authority, FTA awarded a grant now valued at $479 million to the Port Authority Trans‑Hudson Corporation (PATH) for a variety of repair, recovery, and resiliency projects—including an approximately $310 million Salt Mitigation of Tunnels Project to repair salt water damage caused by the hurricane. FTA is responsible for overseeing its DRAA grantees, including PATH, to verify that grantees comply with applicable Federal regulations, use sound procurement practices, and spend Federal grant funds appropriately. Accordingly, our audit objective is to evaluate whether FTA’s oversight is adequate to verify that PATH’s grant procurement practices for the Salt Mitigation of Tunnels Project are in accordance with Federal requirements. We are conducting this audit as part of our DRAA mandate to support oversight of FTA’s Hurricane Sandy relief funds.