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Actions Needed To Enhance Controls Over Travel Cards

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Required by the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act of 2012
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In fiscal year 2012, Department of Transportation (DOT) employees spent $175 million using Government-issued travel cards. DOT issues travel cards to its employees to pay expenses related to Government travel including transportation, hotel and meal costs. Travel cards improve cash management and reduce administrative workloads. We conducted this review of DOT’s travel card program as required by the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act of 2012.

While DOT has successfully implemented controls to prevent cardholders from making purchases at businesses that do not provide travel-related services, it still lacks robust controls to prevent and detect instances of cash advance abuse and purchase card misuse.  We made four recommendations to further strengthen DOT’s program controls to protect this high volume of transactions from fraud, waste, and abuse. The Department agreed to implement three of our recommendations as stated and proposed acceptable alternative actions for the remaining recommendation.


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No. 1 to OST
Develop and implement controls to detect employees obtaining excessive cash advances.
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No. 2 to OST
Provide program officials with quarterly Intellilink reports to help identify cardholder cash advances taken while not on Government travel and develop other cost-beneficial methods to detect unauthorized cash advances.
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No. 3 to OST
Develop and implement automated controls to detect unauthorized cash advances and purchases.
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No. 4 to FAA
Work with the Department to implement an automated solution, which reduces the costs associated with the labor-intensive process of comparing cardholder travel card activity to travel claims.