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Five Illegal Aliens Arrested at Atlanta Airport Used False Documents to Gain Employment, SIDA Badges

Five undocumented foreign nationals were arrested on charges of using false documents to obtain work with airport contractors Argenbright Security or ITS Security at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport in Georgia. One was a security screener. The five—Sandra Francois, Pierre Gesner, Matthew Kalejaiye, Ebenezer Adeleke, and Noah Boateng—were arrested for lying on job applications by using false immigration documents and Social Security numbers in order to obtain employment. The positions required security badges that gave them access to secure areas of the airport. Of the five, four worked for Argenbright and the fifth for ITS Security. Twelve other Hartsfield workers were detained by the INS on administrative immigration charges and will face deportation. The investigation, which is ongoing, was conducted by a task force consisting of OIG, INS, and OIGs from the Social Security Administration and U.S. Department of Labor, with assistance from the Atlanta Hartsfield Security Office and the Atlanta Police Department. The investigation is part of our continuing investigations of airport security.