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Federal Highway Contractor and Its President Sentenced for Bribery

C&F Construction Company, Landover, MD, and its President, Florentino Gregorio, were sentenced in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., after pleading guilty to bribery charges in multiple schemes to defraud the District of Columbia under a FHWA-funded highway paving contract. In a deal with C&F, a District of Columbia public works inspector who oversaw C&F’s work inflated the highway contract by more than $70,000 by falsifying paperwork and accepting false paperwork from C&F for concrete that was never laid. Another scheme involved C&F’s purchasing more than $10,000 worth of landscaping equipment for the inspector’s side business and then receiving a kickback for the sum from the inflated job costs. The judge ordered Gregorio to pay $41,000 in restitution and placed the company on probation for 1 year. Gregorio and C&F pleaded guilty on December 7, 2001. This investigation was conducted by OIG and the FBI.