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Northern Gas Transport Fined $75,000, Given 5 Years Probation in Hours-of-Service Scheme

Northern Gas Transport, Inc. (NGT) of Lyndonville, VT, a hauler of propane gas and other hazardous and volatile materials, was fined $75,000 and given 5 years probation by a U.S. District Court judge in Rutland, VT, for falsifying drivers’ logs and obstruction of justice. NGT president Bruce Grant was fined $5,000 fine and placed on 2 years probation on the same charges for systemically requiring NGT truckers to drive more than the number of hours permitted by Federal regulations and for hiding documents showing that NGT regularly omitted trips from drivers’ logs. NGT's Safety Manager, Bradley Grant, received 2 years probation for concealing documents during the course of a FMCSA compliance review. Last month NGT Dispatcher Gary Chamberlain was fined $1,000 on related charges. The case was investigated by the OIG, with assistance from FMCSA.