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FAA Repair Station Owners Ordered to Pay $6,000 in Restitution

Mohammad Alishahi and Masoud Alishahi, co-owners of Brothers Aero Services Company (BASCO) in Miami-Dade County in south Florida, were ordered by a U.S. District Court judge in Miami to 6 months’ home confinement and payment of $2,885 and $3,035 in restitution, respectively, for making false statements to the FAA. BASCO was a FAA-certified repair station authorized to overhaul and make repairs to aircraft propellers commonly used on small aircraft such as Pipers and Cessnas. The Alishahis failed to perform a critical propeller blade-strengthening procedure during an overhaul, which could result propeller failure during flight. In order to conceal the lack of repair work, the defendants falsified FAA-required documents to indicate the critical step had been completed. FAA revoked BASCO’s repair station certificate. OIG investigated the case, with assistance from FAA.