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Illinois Man Sentenced in CDL Probe

Felix Mamedov was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Chicago, IL, to $50,000 restitution and 4 months’ home detention for taking bribes to help unqualified applicants obtain commercial driver's licenses (CDLs). For $2,000 apiece, Mamedov and partner Lech Rzdzian would drive CDL applicants from Chicago to Florida to obtain their licenses. Jose Carranza, an employee of 3S Trucking, Inc., a Florida truck-driving school and state-certified third-party testing facility, received $400 for each applicant he fraudulently passed on the practical portion of the test. During testing, many of the applicants never got behind the wheel of a truck. This case was part of an investigation involving OIG, the FBI, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, Postal Inspection Service, and Illinois State Police.