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Flight School Owner Pleads Guilty to Falsifying FAA & INS Documents to Conceal Criminal Record

Eden Nacer Fetamia, president and owner of Link Aviation, Inc., a flight school in Dallas, TX, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Dallas to making false statements to the FAA and INS to cover up his criminal record. Fetamia lied on his FAA pilot and medical applications to conceal a prior arrest for bank fraud, a felony conviction of lying to a federally insured financial institution, and a conviction for driving under the influence. He holds air transport pilot, commercial pilot, and flight instructor certificates. The FAA suspended all of his certificates pending the outcome of the investigation and now plans to proceed with permanent revocation. Fetamia will also face an INS deportation hearing scheduled for March 2003 for concealing his criminal record. A sentencing date has not been set. The investigation was conducted jointly by OIG, the FBI, and INS.