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Aviation Repairman Fined $14,500 for Falsifying Repairs

Johnnie Lee Henry of Bethany, OK, a former aircraft repairman for Thunderbird Accessories, Inc. (TAI), was fined $14,500 by a U.S. District Court judge in Oklahoma City, for falsely certifying aircraft repairs. TAI and Thunderbird Propellers, Inc., of Bethany, OK, were found guilty in December 2002 of using counterfeit and unapproved parts in aircraft propellers and an aircraft turbocharger and certifying the repairs. They have since filed for bankruptcy. One of the propellers and its maintenance were implicated in the crash of a private aircraft in 1994, which resulted in a fatality.

The two firms were ordered to pay a combined $423,189 in fines, $25,365 in restitution, and 5 years’ probation each. The judge has not yet ruled on the Government’s request for an injunction to prohibit Henry from working in aviation. OIG conducted the investigation jointly with the FBI, with assistance from FAA.