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Former Driver’s License Examiner Admits to Processing IDs for Illegal Foreign Nationals

Walter R. Campbell, a former driver’s license examiner for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) in Elkton, MD, pleaded guilty to producing false driver’s licenses for illegal foreign nationals. In exchange for varying sums of money or other forms of remuneration such as paying his electric bill or taking him to lunch, Campbell allegedly processed about 180 license applications from 1999 through 2002 for Turks and Russians who did not have valid immigration status. He estimated that approximately 100 Maryland driver’s licenses were issued due to his efforts, about 25 of them commercial driver’s licenses. Campbell processed the applications without requiring proper proof of identification and legal status within the United States and also provided answers to the written driving test. The MVA is canceling the illegally issued driver’s licenses and locating those individuals who obtained commercial driver’s licenses through Campbell. The names of the illegal foreign nationals will be provided to INS for possible action. Campbell’s sentencing date has not yet been scheduled.