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Connecticut Man Draws 46-Month Prison Term for Sneaking Undeclared Ammonia on Commercial Flight

Bernard Williams of Norwalk, CT, drew a 46-month prison term and a $7,500 fine from a U.S. District Court judge in Brooklyn, NY, for “recklessly delivering” two undeclared cartons of ammonia for transport on a commercial flight. Williams was convicted in July 2003 for declaring that two cardboard boxes which he checked on a February 15, 2002 flight from Fort Myers, FL to New York City, contained kitty litter when they contained 13 bottles of ammonia. During the flight, one of the bottles broke, causing 28 passengers, including a seven-week-old infant, to become ill. The infant had to be hospitalized. Williams was also ordered to pay $600 in restitution and will serve 36 month on probation following his jail term.