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Five Trucking Companies and Twenty-three Individuals Charged in Connection with ‘Hours of Service’ Violations

An 18-month investigation resulted in the indictment by a federal grand jury of three trucking companies -- Nijjar Brothers Trucking, Inc. (Nijjar), Madera, CA; NB Trucking, Inc., a subsidiary of Nijjar; and Semper Truck Lines, Inc., Fresno, CA - and 19 truck drivers, on charges related to falsification of drivers’ daily logbooks. Based on similar criminal charges, two other corporations negotiated plea agreements prior to indictment, and were sentenced on November 29, 2004: Ore-Cal Livestock, Inc., Merrill, OR was also placed on five years probation and fined a total of $1.077 million, of which $1 million is to be paid to the California Highway Patrol over a 5-year period for combating ‘hours of service’ violations, and $50,000 to DOT for reimbursement of investigation costs. Beef Packers, Inc., Fresno, CA was fined $5,000 and placed on five years probation and fined $5,000. This investigation was conducted with assistance from FMCSA.

Note: As in any criminal case, a person is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. The charges filed merely contain allegations of criminal conduct.