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Pennsylvania Company and Its President Plead Guilty to Hazardous Material Violations

BEF Corporation of Allentown, PA, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Allentown, PA to three counts of knowingly discharging pollutants, a violation of the Clean Water Act. In addition, BEF'S president, Elward B. Brewer, pled guilty to one count of negligently discharging pollutants. BEF Corporation directed its employees to discharge hazardous pollutants taken from refurbished one-hour photo processing machines into sewer systems belonging to Bethlehem South Whitewater, PA. Additionally, BEF employees transported the hazardous materials from their main Allentown facility to other BEF facilities in trucks without proper shipping papers or placards in violation of FMCSA hazardous material regulations. BEF Corporation will be sentenced in February.