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Illinois Truck Driver Involved in Fatal Accident Jailed for Lying to Investigators About Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Fraud

On October 12, Nasko Nazov, a former driver for World Truck, Chicago, IL, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Chicago to 10 months in prison. Nazov pled guilty on June 24, 2005 to lying to a federal grand jury investigating allegations of Illinois residents fraudulently obtaining Wisconsin CDLs. In March 2004, Nazov, an Illinois resident holding a Wisconsin CDL, caused an accident resulting in the death of a family of four while he was operating a commercial motor vehicle in Tennessee.

Our investigation found that the address used by Nazov for his Wisconsin CDL was also used by other Illinois residents who had obtained Wisconsin CDLs. Those residents admitted to having been assisted in obtaining the CDLs by an interpreter who provided written test answers to CDL applicants at the test site.

In June 2005, Adam Babul, the owner of Bamba, Inc. (a firm providing assistance to individuals seeking legal documents and legal status in the United States), was found guilty of conspiracy related to guaranteeing Wisconsin CDLs to Illinois residents in exchange for cash payments of up to $2,000. Babul’s sentencing is scheduled for October 28, 2005. Upon completion of his prison term, Nazov will be transferred to Tennessee authorities to face charges of vehicular homicide. The investigation was conducted jointly with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.