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Former Colorado DMV Clerk Gets 18 Months in Prison for Fraud in Connection with the Unlawful Sale of Fraudulent Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

On October 28, Virginia Villegas, a former driver’s license clerk for the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles (CO-DMV), was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Denver to 18 months in prison and 36 months probation for fraud in connection with identification documents. Villegas pled guilty in August 2005. Our investigation found that Villegas facilitated the unlawful sale of approximately 100 Colorado driver’s licenses and 20 CDLs to illegal aliens. Unqualified drivers pose a safety threat to all travelers on our nation’s roadways. The scheme involved a middleman, Juan Francisco Alderete-Diaz, who admitted to locating individuals seeking to buy driver’s licenses, collecting as much as $2,400 per license, and paying Villegas $200 to $500 for each license issued. Alderete-Diaz was sentenced to three years’ probation on October 17, 2005.