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New Jersey Construction Contract Company and CEO Suspended for Deceptive Business Practices

On May 17, Zinn Construction, Inc. (Zinn), of Gibbsboro, NJ and its CEO, Nicholas Ferrino (a.k.a. Nicholas Krakana) were suspended pending debarment proceedings by FAA from doing business with the Government. In September 2005, FERRINO pled guilty to a New Jersey State charge of Deceptive Business Practices in connection with a Philadelphia School District project that he failed to complete after having received payment. In September 2005, he was also sentenced to 18 months probation, and ordered to pay $152,500 in restitution. In September 1999, ZINN had been awarded a $687,000 FAA contract to extend a water line at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center, Pomona, NJ and subsequently defaulted on the contract.