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Former Connecticut Department of Transportation (Conn-DOT) Official Pleads Guilty to Theft Related to a Renovation Project at New Haven's Union Station

On June 19, Raymond F. Cox, former Assistant Rail Administrator for Conn-DOT, pled guilty in U. S. District Court in New Haven, CT to theft involving federal programs, and to obstruction of justice. Cox's responsibilities included oversight of a $300,000 construction contract for renovation of Conn-DOT offices in New Haven's Union Station. Cox admitted that, between June 2003 and May 2004, he directed the contractor to provide $3,500 in cash to an individual who prepared fake bid documents for the renovation project, and items of value (e.g., a desktop computer, refrigerators, and televisions) to several Conn-DOT employees. Cox also admitted that, after learning of the OIG investigation in March 2005, he attempted to corruptly persuade two of the Conn-DOT employees to dispose of items they had received and to deny knowledge of them if questioned by authorities. Cox resigned in February 2005 and awaits sentencing in September 2006. The ongoing investigation is being conducted jointly with the FBI, IRS, and Conn-DOT.