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FHWA Suspends New York Traffic Engineering Firm in Bribery Case

On June 27, Dunn Engineering and Associates, P.C. (Dunn); Norton Brothers Dunn Engineering and Surveying, LLP (a related firm); and Dunn executives : Walter M. Dunn, Jr., President; Ronald N. Hill, Vice President; and Robert A. Reiss, Treasurer, were suspended pending debarment proceedings by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) from doing business with the Government. Dunn pled guilty in April 2005 to charges of providing gratuities to a former District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DC-DOT) official, Wilhelm DerMinassian, in exchange for favorable treatment by DerMinassian on a five-year $17.5 million Integrated Traffic Management System contract that Dunn held with DC-DOT. DerMinassian also pled guilty to related charges and was sentenced in September 2005.

In May 2006, Dunn was suspended by the DC Office of Contracting and Procurement from doing business with the District, with proposed debarment pending. The investigation was conducted jointly with the FBI and the Antitrust Division of DOJ.