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Former Employee of Asbestos Monitoring Company Jailed for Violating the Clean Air Act on a FAA-Funded Airport Project

On September 15, John Toner, a former employee of Comprehensive Employment Management (CEM), pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Buffalo, NY, to 1 count of violating the Clean Air Act. Toner was fined $1,000 and sentenced to serve 7 months in prison. Toner was responsible for ensuring that asbestos removed by USA Remediation Services (USAR) during a demolition project from the $4 million FAA-funded Buffalo-Niagara Airport expansion was done in compliance with all federal and state regulations. USAR workers, however, improperly removed asbestos from pipes.

In September 2002, several USAR employees were charged and were subsequently sentenced for improper removal of asbestos from the expansion project. In February 2006, USAR was fined $ 500,000 and placed on 3 years probation for violating the Clean Air Act. This investigation was worked jointly with the EPA-CID, FBI, OSHA, and NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.