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Former Company Official and Consultant Plead Guilty in Corruption Scheme Involving FAA-regulated Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Concession Contracts

On September 27, Joseph Moderski and Joseph Evans pled guilty to criminal charges related to a corruption scheme involving FAA-regulated airport advertising contracts at the Philadelphia International Airport. Evans pled guilty to mail fraud charges outlined in a superseding indictment also filed on September 27. Moderski pled guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud, and wire fraud. During the investigation, a former regional vice-president, of Skysites admitted that the conspirators used Skysites to illegally fund $30,000 in contributions to political action committees that supported the Mayor of Philadelphia as a way to secure the advertising contract. Moderski, Evans, and the regional vice-president agreed to have Skysites pay Moderski a $10,000 consulting bonus to disguise the use of corporate funds for political contributions.