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Former FHWA Employee Ordered to Repay $12,723 in Misused Federal Funds

On April 30, former FHWA employee, Jacqueline J. Hill-Brown, was ordered by a state court judge in Atlanta, Georgia, to pay $12,723 in restitution for misuse of Federal funds. Hill-Brown, who was employed as an information analyst in FHWA's Atlanta Resource Center, was convicted on April 13 of a theft charge following a jury trial. Hill-Brown asked a co-worker to approve graduate-level courses in health and bio-statistics at Emory University that were not related to her job. The co-worker, Vanessa B. Smith, approved the training for Hill-Brown in her capacity as an FWHA contracting officer. The OIG-FHWA investigation found that the request and approval of training was done without the knowledge, consent, or authorization of FHWA management. Hill-Brown was also ordered to serve 90 days in prison, 10 years probation and 3,600 hours of community service. Smith was acquitted at trial. Both Hill-Brown and Smith have been fired from FHWA.