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Former Official Of Michigan Aircraft Parts Manufacturer Pleads Guilty to Charges Of Conspiracy To Commit Aircraft Parts Fraud

On June 12, Alan Maliszewski, former quality control manager of a now-defunct aircraft parts manufacturer, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Detroit, Michigan, to a charge of conspiracy to commit aircraft parts fraud. Anco Tech, Inc., of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, manufactured titanium tubing for use in military and civilian aircraft, including the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor military aircraft, business jets and commercial helicopters. Between April 2000 and February 2002, Anco Tech sold titanium tubing that was certified as having been manufactured, inspected, and tested for conformance with specifications, when, in fact, it had not. Maliszweski and his brother, Andrew, were indicted in June 2005 on conspiracy and aircraft parts fraud charges. Andrew Maliszweski pleaded guilty to similar charges on April 2 and is scheduled for sentencing in July. No sentencing date has been set for Alan Maliszewksi.

Two former Anco Tech quality assurance supervisors pleaded guilty in 2005 to charges of making false statements related to certifications for V-22 parts and are awaiting sentencing. This investigation was conducted with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. For safety purposes, we have continuously kept FAA apprised of the results of our investigation. The Department of Defense has initiated debarment proceedings against Anco and the other defendants.