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Oklahoma Aircraft Mechanic and Aircraft Parts Broker Sentenced for Falsification of Records in Connection with Improper Aircraft Engine Overhauls

On September 28, 2007, Larry G. Good and Robert E. Parker were sentenced in U.S. District Court, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Larry Good was sentenced to serve 14 months of incarceration and 12 months probation, as well as ordered to pay $306,990 in restitution. Mr. Parker was sentenced to serve 72 months of incarceration and 36 months of probation, as well as ordered to pay $378,633 in restitution. The investigation revealed that Mr. Good, a certified aircraft mechanic, along with Mr. Parker, a self–employed aircraft parts broker, falsified entries in aircraft logbooks in connection with the overhaul of aircraft engines. They were aware the engines were not overhauled properly, contained replacement parts that were marked “not airworthy,” or were simply unsafe for use on an aircraft.