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Audit initiated of Federal Railroad Administration's Network Infrastructure Security

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The Office of Inspector General will perform an audit of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) network infrastructure, which is critical to both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and FRA’s mission. FRA has direct Internet connections allowing the public to access the DOT network, and remote network entry points allowing state inspectors to access FRA systems. This infrastructure, if not properly configured, could put FRA and the rest of DOT systems at risk. The audit will be conducted at FRA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and regional offices at Cambridge, MA and Vancouver, WA.

Our objective is to determine whether FRA network infrastructure is adequately secured to support both DOT and FRA missions. Specifically, we will determine if FRA (1) Internet entry points are adequately protected to prevent cyber attacks, (2) remote network entry points used by FRA employees and state inspectors are properly secured to prevent unauthorized access, and (3) network computers are properly configured and monitored to reduce risks of attacks.