New Audit Announcements

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Audit Initiated of FAA's Management and Control Over National, Regional, and Local Memorandums of Agreement

We will begin an audit of FAA’s management and controls over national, regional, and local memorandums of understanding with the National Air Traffic Control Association NATCA. The audit will: (1) evaluate the process used by FAA’s Air Traffic line of business for negotiating, approving, and implementing agreements made outside the national collective bargaining agreement with NATCA, and (2) identify any potential cost or operational impacts of local, regional, and national memorandums of understanding. FAA and NATCA negotiate MOUs for issues not specifically addressed by the national agreement, such as changes in local working conditions, implementation of new technology, and training on new equipment. The MOUs can be negotiated at the national, regional, or local level and are binding on FAA and the union. There are approximately 1,000 national, regional, and local MOUs between FAA and NATCA.