New Audit Announcements

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Review Initiated of FAA's Long-Range Radar Program

The audit will determine if FAA has (1) identified all funding requirements to upgrade or replace long-range radars, (2) addressed gaps in domestic radar coverage, and (3) coordinated aircraft surveillance requirements with other Government agencies, such as the Department of Defense. Long-range radars are used to independently track and monitor the movement of en-route aircraft. FAA intended to decommission the majority of these radars, relying instead on secondary surveillance radars, which in turn rely on an aircraft transponder, to track aircraft identification, position, and altitude information. The events of 9-11 made clear that long-range radars are essential to locate aircraft—including general aviation aircraft—that do not have active transponders. Many of the long-range radars have exceeded their useful life by 20 years and must be upgraded or replaced.