New Audit Announcements

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Audit Initiated on Coast Guard's Search and Rescue Program

We initiated an audit of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue Program at small boat stations. We were directed in the Department's FY 2002 Appropriations Act to audit $14.5 million earmarked for small boat stations’ search and rescue program improvements and certify that the funds were used to supplement, not supplant, Coast Guard's level of effort in this area in FY 2001. We will also determine if Coast Guard spent the funds for purposes specified in the act and whether the staffing, training, and equipment deficiencies identified in our September 2001 report on small boat stations have been addressed. This audit has taken on added significance in light of interest in how the traditional search and rescue mission has fared due to the Coast Guard’s increased security activities and the proposal to transfer the Coast Guard to a Department of Homeland Security.