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Using CRU-X to Capture Official Time Spent on Representational Activities

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We issued a report to the FAA Administrator containing our observations about official time granted for union representational activities, as reported by FAA in a recent Government-wide survey by the Office of Personnel Management. The hours that FAA reported as being spent on representational activities included time granted for traditional representational activities (such as negotiating agreements) and time granted for bargaining-unit employees to work on FAA work groups (such as task forces for developing new equipment).

While FAA’s methodology ensures that all time granted as a result of collective-bargaining requirements is reported, it presents an inaccurate picture of the agency’s workforce activities and may preclude meaningful comparisons to other Government agencies. FAA’s planned labor-distribution system (CRU-X) could be used to more accurately capture data on official time by designating different codes for tracking different activities. We recommended that FAA designate these different activities within its planned labor-distribution system to ensure that official time, as reported, accurately reflects the activities of FAA’s workforce.