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FAA’s En Route Modernization Program Is On Schedule But Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce Future Risks

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On July 14, we publicly released our report on FAA’s $2.1 billion En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) Program which is to replace FAA’s existing air traffic control system for high altitude air traffic. We found that FAA can take steps now to reduce risk with ERAM while the program is on track. Specifically, we recommended that FAA: (1) maximize the use of fixed price agreements, (2) withhold incentive payments to the prime contractor until the system meets the Government’s criteria, (3) defer work on software development for additional capabilities that have yet to be defined or priced, (4) examine ways to reduce life cycle costs by relying on fewer central computers, and (5) bolster security assessments of ERAM by including staff with operational experience and updating mitigation plans for protecting critical assets.