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Actions Taken and Needed in Implementing Mandates and Recommendations Regarding Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety

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On October 20, we issued our report on DOT’s progress in implementing congressional mandates and other safety recommendations for improving pipeline and hazardous materials safety. While progress has been made, the Department needs to continue its focus on reducing the number of outstanding congressional mandates and NTSB recommendations as there remain some long-standing pipeline and hazardous materials congressional mandates and NTSB safety recommendations, some more than a decade old. Senior officials also need to focus on meeting their statutory requirements when responding to NTSB recommendations to assure they have been handled in a timely manner and properly addressed.

We want to give the Department the opportunity to determine if procedural deficiencies identified in this report extend beyond pipeline and hazardous safety recommendations and to determine if there is a need to develop a Department-wide system for monitoring and tracking NTSB recommendations. Therefore, we are making no formal recommendations at this time.