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Review of FAA's Actions To Address Mold at the Detroit Metropolitan Air Traffic Control Tower Facility

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On July 11, 2006, we issued our report on FAA's actions to address mold at the Detroit Metropolitan Air Traffic Control Tower Facility. We found that FAA has taken actions to remove mold from the Facility but has not alleviated the source of moisture causing its growth. Until the moisture source has been controlled, mold will continue to be an ongoing problem. FAA is aware of this issue and advised us that projects to address the moisture and humidity problems will begin in late July and are expected to be complete in November. Those projects include: sealing and caulking the exterior of the tower to eliminate water infiltration; additional replacement of interior wallboard; and further heating, ventilation, and air conditioning work to manage humidity. Completing those projects on schedule is essential to fully remediate mold at the Facility.