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Letter to Senator Boxer regarding Runway Incidents at Los Angeles International Airport

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On March 22, we responded to a request from Senator Barbara Boxer regarding runway incidents at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We found that: (1) from FY 2003 through FY 2006, 32 runway incursions occurred at LAX, of which 81 percent were caused by pilot deviations. Most of the pilot deviations occurred because pilots failed to hold short of a runway as instructed by controllers; (2) runway configuration appears to be a primary factor contributing to runway incursions at LAX, though the airport is in the process of mitigating this through construction of a new taxiway between two existing runways; and (3) traffic does not appear to be a contributing factor to runway incursions at LAX. The results of our review at LAX and the three other large commercial airports reviewed in an audit of runway incursions will be issued later this year. The audit report will address systemic issues and include recommendations to help improve FAA's efforts to reduce runway incursions.