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Response to Chairman Lieberman and Senator Thompson on DOT's Energy Management Program

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We responded to a request from Chairman Lieberman and Senator Thompson of the Governmental Affairs Committee concerning DOT's energy management program. We understand the Committee made a similar request to the Inspectors General of the 14-largest energy-consuming agencies. Our reply notes that we had already begun work in May to obtain basic program data for a comprehensive audit of DOT's energy management program. Such an audit would likely involve establishing a baseline to track DOT's energy consumption and progress in meeting mandated reductions. We also would plan on determining whether DOT: 1) is complying with current law and related Executive Orders, 2) has developed reports and tracking systems on energy usage that identify and quantify cost savings, and 3) is exploring new ways to reduce energy consumption. In our response, we do note some concerns involving FAA facilities and DOT space occupied under GSA leases.