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Letter to Representative Bonilla Regarding Locations of Safety Inspection Sites for Mexican Trucks

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The Inspector General issued a letter response to Representative Henry Bonilla who inquired whether safety inspections and license checks for Mexican commercial trucks and their drivers could properly and legally be done at a point 28 miles inland rather than at the Mexico-U.S. border. We responded that:

  • We do not see how statutory requirements can be met unless safety inspections and associated activities are performed at the border, based on language in the FY 2002 Supplemental Appropriations Act.

  • An inspection facility 28 miles inland poses the risk that Mexican vehicles and drivers operating in the commercial zone would not be inspected because the U.S. commercial zone ends before the proposed site of the inland facility.

  • Without Federal or state inspectors at the border crossings, there are no assurances about the safety of long-haul vehicles and drivers traveling 28 miles on U.S. roads to reach the inland facility.

  • It is reasonable to get a base of experience on the volume of long-haul traffic and the logistics associated with it before Congress, the Administration, and the State of Texas consider alternative plans.