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Actions to Improve Performance of the National Aviation System

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This report sets out our recommendations from testimony before the of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and Related Agencies regarding the status of our actions, and those of DOT and FAA to reduce flight delays and cancellations. We recommended that: 1) DOT establish a uniform system for tracking the causes of flight delays and cancellations, extend causal reporting methodology to other airlines, and begin an expedited rulemaking; 2) FAA work with airlines and airports experiencing significant congestion to devise capacity enhancing projects, monitor runway project milestones, identify appropriate administrative and market-based demand management options, and develop a system for allocating capacity at LaGuardia Airport by September 15, 2001; and 3) FAA reach agreement among all parties by July 2001 on specific activities and milestones to be included in FAA’s Operational Evolution Plan and ensure its implementation and execution.